Unwanted Physics Behavior on Skeletal Mesh - Please Help

So I have been working on this horror game demo for a couple of months now, learning as I go. Right now I have pretty much everything working as I need it to except for one thing:
The WheelChair that my character is going to climb into and drive reacts like its made out of styrofoam when touched by my character, it gets tossed around like a toy.

I have tried:

  1. Increasing the mass of the mesh to like 1,5 tons. Also tried to make a physics material with a high density.
  2. Turning off physics until possesed, sort of worked but the wheels stayed stuck to the ground when I drove away.
  3. I have tried putting a blocking volume around the mesh as a work around, but that just makes it the same way as soon as my character touches the invisible box.
  4. I have been crossreferensing the vehicle starter blueprint for any magical settings on the physics asset or the skeletal mesh component, I can’t find anything. The sedan from the vehicle project does not fly away at the slightest touch… Can’t understand what does it.

I’m so close to have something people can actually play, making all this hard work worth it but as it is now this makes the game really hard for me to show anyone.

If anyone has any ideas how I can try to fix this I am all ears. Thanks!

that’s scary af dude.