Unwanted friend requests and other superfluous features

Is there an option to auto-block friend requests in the Epic Games Launcher? If so, how? If not, why not? I have no desire to manually decline each and every individual friend request to avoid a notification, and I have no intention ever of using this feature.

Is the Launcher supposed to be the new Discord or something? I don’t want every detail of my entire online life to run through this application. All this application really needs to do is provide access to the Unreal Engine and Epic Games content available through Epic’s services. That is all. Any other “features” should be easily disabled should the user desire it.

I mean, normally expected scrolling behavior via all keyboard/mouse/other input device isn’t fully supported yet and we’re adding friend lists?

My feedback is this:
Please make the launcher behave as one would expect from any other browser-like application, and make any non-engine/market features readily activated/deactivated. Please focus on the application’s primary purpose (supporting the Engine and Marketplace) instead of making yet another social platform.

Some games rely on the friends list for co-op and so on.
the epic lanucher / services
are essentially meant to emulate or replace steam like / EA like services.

That said. An “allow friend requests yes or no” option would be wonderful.
like you, I have no intention of having “friends” that arent actually friends, nor any intention to add random people I might have played in a match with.

Yeah 50 friend requests from people ive never even played a game with popping up in the corner everytime i open the launcher is irritating…

and thanks for making rocket league worse aswell…good job…

I am now also getting unwanted friends request every time I open the epic launcher. :confused: It’s especially annoying because I have disabled the game library, as I only use the launcher for Unreal Engine.

Epic, please fix this ASAP, no one likes receiving spam requests!


I have recently responded to a similar forum thread related to unwanted friend requests in the launcher- and wanted to get in touch on this one.

With this being a long-standing feature request to have some additional functionality- or at the very least a toggle switch to allow friend requests. Coupled with being a fairly common topic within the community, I can fully appreciate how frustrating this is and how you may have felt unheard at this point.

I want to assure you that we have followed up with the appropriate teams concerning unwanted friend requests, which will shed some light on the subject, and we’ll be able to update you soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for continuing to be remarkable and interacting & supporting the community!