Unwanted Camera Vignette only in HTML5

This is based on this thread:


I’ve resolved most of the issues I had in that thread, but I still have this one.

I created a new, base, C++ project, added a grid and white screen sprites… and the HTML5 build of the project has unwanted shading/vignetting that I cannot find a solution for. That background is supposed to be blank and white.

I’ve used the console to turn off ShowFlag.Vignette and r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm, I’ve turned off ShowFlag.Tonemapper, and at this point I have no sure idea of what to do. This is a problem and it occurs in every Sprite project I’ve tried to make and export to HTML5. I’ve had to turn off the Tonemapper flag in Unreal to keep it from washing out my sprites in-engine, but the vignetting problem appears to be caused by something different.

I’ve been looking at the Camera actor as well but I have no solution yet.

Are there any suggestions for how to remove this effect?

Never mind. I’ve implemented some extreme measures that will hopefully resolve most of this…