Unusual occlusion on static mesh

Hi Guys,

I’m adding furniture to somebody else’s scene and I’m having unusual occlusion seams (?) on most of the meshes.

Images here in the following link. Images 2 & 4 are the problem (both are 2 different light maps):

It’s not happening in the editor but it’s happening runtime when the player gets close to the furniture.

I’ve tried 2 different lightmaps with high-resolutions (2048) and it’s still happening.

Because it’s not my scene, I’m not really sure if there’s settings in there that may be causing it.

Any help will again be greatly appreciated.


Those are from having UV Island that do not meet up and also low res Light Maps(LM). You can try to increase LM resolution or re-make the LM so that it has fewer seams.

Thanks Sam. When you say ‘UV Island’, I assume you mean faces in the UV that aren’t connected? The LM’s are high - 2048.

Also, In other scenes it appears to be ok, however in this scene it seems to be exacerbated. Could there be any settings that are actually exacerbating the problem? Again, this is someone else’s scene so I’m not sure what’s been changed.

Also, the material goes from hi-res to low-res when this occurs. Given the LM’s and materials are on a different UV channel, would the mistake in the LM’s cause problems with the material also?


We are having the same issue.
The level had nice lighting on UE4.7, but after update to 4.8 started to show many artifacts just like shown above.
Rebaking or playing with settings doesn’t help. We also had a problem much alike in behaviour with textures, which was temporarily resolved by switching off texture streaming.

Yeah - I’m actually having a lot of issues with the level. Trying to build it so I can use it with an Oculus but it fails every time too.

EDIT: Definitely not a light map issue. Other people seem to be having the same problem

did anyone solve this?
i have the same issue and don’t know what’s causing it.

Im having the same issue again on 4.9

Was anyone able to resolve this issue?