unusable low framerate on integrated Intel Iris 5100 (macbook pro)

See my capture:

Retina screen resolution 1440 x 900
UDK 4.02 test on Mackbook pro with Mobile temple (mobile example by epic games)
issue: unusable low framerate in editor on integrated Intel Iris 5100 graphics card

Intro Date: October 22, 2013 Disc Date: N/A
Order No: ME864LL/A* Model No: A1502 (EMC 2678)
Subfamily: Retina Late 2013 13" Model ID: MacBookPro11,1
Std RAM: 8 GB* Std VRAM: 1 GB*
Std Storage 128 GB SSD Std Optical: None*

You don’t usually want to edit on integrated graphics systems. You’d be better having a dedicated graphics card, plus recording in itself will tank your framerate.

I actually run quite a bit better than this on my 2013 Macbook Air, however, in addition to dropping down your visual quality you should set the “t.maxfps” setting in your editor console to something kinda low (i.e 20 or 30 so the full command would be “t.maxfps 30” without quotes); this with the quality being set on one of the lower values makes the editor itself usable. For the particular demo you are running, the effects may just be too much to PIE; try running it in the mobile preview instead of the viewport, this appears to reduce quality quite a bit more (as it is targeting mobile devices) and will make running/testing quite a bit better.

Other than that I think integrated graphics still just arent quite there yet, however, given that UE4 already runs well on mobile devices (as you should see in the mobile preview) I am hopeful that Epic will enable some type of “integrated graphics” mode for us portable developers (lots of people have a Surface too!) that just dumbs things down even further.

I’m just pointing that the current frame rate is not useable and seems to work with vsync off.

I’m using unity 3D, for developing mobile games, now without any problem. I worked for several companies with UDK 3 (pc & ps3 releases) so i’m having looking forward to work with udk again. The editor is very GPU intensive, i hope there is room to optimise the editor toward “light” development.

Not a cheap option, but an option to improve none-the-less: