Unturned like inventory system help

I am attempting to make a zombie survival game a lot like unturned and I love how they did the inventory system and i would love to replicate it, I have no idea how to though. Every tutorial i’ve looked at doesn’t give anywhere near what I am looking for which really irritates me. I really don’t know where to get started and I am assuming that there is no way to explain how it can be come here so you can PM me here on Discord (Terra Trueforest#1065)

lol same here. Looks like there is no guide of “how to create character inventory” for ue4. The available tutorials are pretty scarce.

Hello there!

I’ve found this official video seriesabout simple inventory system which is pretty well described and can help you to better understand the basics of creation such system.
Also “Slot based inventory system”]( series are more advanced and looks more like Unturned, but might be a bit more complicated than official one if you’re a new to the engine