Untitled Zombie Game


This is an early, unfinished build of the game.

I’ve been working off and on as a solo developer on a zombie shooter since 2017 with some huge breaks from this project, and started again working in december 2019, made the first public upload of a alpha build. New goal was finished the alpha build right before the end of the decade, I have no interest in 2020 continue working with UDK.

As a solo developer, I make everything myself*, 3D models 97% (only player, zombie, tree models are not mine), textures 98%, and sounds are from opengameart.org.

**Download: **https://ggbot.itch.io/untitled-zombie-game







Hello my friend. I just tested your game.

First of all, congratulations!!!

I know how hard and time consumming can be creating a game as a “Lone Wolf” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your game has potential, and if you polish your game more, it could become a very good game. But it seems you don’t want to work on UDK anymore. Anyway, I will give my observations, please take them as constructive criticism.

1- I loved your map, it is huge, beautifull, however, it is empty and it is not well optimized. I would rather prefeer small maps with more details than huge maps with not too much details. Also, you could use precomputed visibility volumes to help with performance and optimization, as they occlude parts of the map which are not seen by the player.

2- The character model looks good, however, you are using 100% default UDK Animations. Is not that hard to replace the default UDK Animations by your custom animations. I am doing this on my game: New PC, PS3 and Xbox360 Game - Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque - UDK Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

I am not changing the AnimationTree, I am following the same UDK AnimSet logic, the same animation names, like idle_ready_rif, rif_fwd, I am using the Aim Profiles Animations, however, just replacing them by my custom. They are edited MOCAP animations (some I purchased cheap from TrueBones, other I have done by myself with a kinect xbox360 camera), and they look far better than default UDK Animations

3- You should have more weapons (you can purchase many weapons packs on 3d marketplace by a very cheap price), and also a Reload System for your guns.

4- You could add some hit reaction animations on the zombies, to give a more “impact” whenever you kill them.

5- I liked the bloody screen whenever player gets hit. I have done the same in scaleform, inspired by Resident Evil Revelations 2

6- Also on the gameplay side, you should place the ammo on more easily accessible areas for the player. I have found just one ammo. I could not find any healthpack

7- Last but not least, your game is good, but can be better if you take a time for polishing it more.

Cheers and good luck!

Wow looks simple and good favorite kind of game specially for UDK : D. When will it be released.?

NIDAL NIJM GAMES, Thank you for give constructive feedback. I might release one more version with better map optimization. Btw hold the key TAB to see map with ammo/health pack.

Neongho, public release version are available above, or here https://ggbot.net/download/game/Untitled_Zombie_Game_0.05.exe

I watched your game video. I was surprised that the map was bigger than I thought. @_@;;;;;
The game play feels good. Cheer up~ ^^

Here is 64-Bit version, game run faster and smoother.

  1. Copy folder “Win64” to …\Untitled Zombie Game\Binaries\
  2. Open …\Untitled Zombie Game\Binaries\Win64\UDK.exe

O.O hey the game is cool I tried it, I wish I could do 64 bit

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