[UNTITLED] Work In Progress

Hi guys!

I’m new to the community but not necessarily new to game development (as such), allow me to explain but first I’d like to give a brief background to myself:

About Me:

I’m Mystik, I’m from good old Ireland, I’ve been involved in many small scale projects which were more on the modding side of things, I’ve done work on - now defunct - projects which aimed at total conversion of games such as: Grand Theft Auto; This is my first major solo project due to it being made from scratch.

The Project:

I’ve yet to come across a game based in my Country and the UK which provides non-linear game while maintaining a unique feel to it. Crime games have always been a major preference when it comes to gaming. Games such as:

GTA Franchise
The Getaway
Police Force 1 + 2 (Gameplay was quite poor but the general idea of the game was amazing)
The Sims

These games, and what I mentioned earlier have influenced my project.

The Plan:

I plan to adopt certain aspects of the above games which I’ve adored playing and use their inspiration to bring my project to life.

I plan to make a game where the user plays in main cities across Ireland & UK, such as: Belfast; Dublin; London.

The user will have the choice which path their character will for take throughout the game, maybe they want to pursue a life of crime, become the biggest and most notorious criminal in all of western europe. Maybe they want to pursue a career in law enforcement? Maybe they want to be a dirty cop, the choice is yours.

Everything is still in the concept stage as of now, no work has commenced on the project.

What’s your feedback on my proposed project? Yay, Nay, No f****** way!!

well I’d say no f******** way b/c it sounds huge. If you scoped it down to something that a small team could make, then maybe. I guess the plan seems crazy big. How can you offer all those choices w/o a lot of background work? It just seems like something a team of 40 would be hard pressed to make. If you said Take 3rd person shooter add enemies and dialogue system that makes changes based on choices… maybe but even thats pretty big.

So how do you think you could make something like that? Modding is not the same thing :smiley:

I would say Yay.

  1. Create a Text-based Version first with UMG to get the Game Screens, Text Commands, Chat, Dialog, Storytelling perfected.
  2. Goto the Marketplace, purchase Simple Multiplayer Chat to get chat support in sooner than later.
  3. Set up Third Person Template with Player Controller & Blue Guy Pawn that can be controlled from the text UI commands with commands. Ensure all features above are functional.
  4. Create a Landscape and drop in Player.
  5. Add mouse control to Player controller, keeping the control via command as alternative means of control. Ensure all features above are functional.
  6. Add Network Replication to the Player Controller & Blue Guy Pawn. See Content Example - Network Features and the new Multiplayer Shootout. Check out other Content Examples as well.
  7. Test Multi-player with Two (2) Player (same instance). Ensure all features above are functional.
  8. Create a Seamless Streaming Level with 3 Additional Terrains.
  9. Ensure all features above are functional with Streaming Levels.
  10. Download all FREE Engine Examples and Content, it has some AI and Vehicle Game demos to expand on.
  11. Goto Forum Community Content and search for suitable, easily modifiable Content.
  12. Modify and Add Content with 3rd Party Tools Blender3D, Gimp, Audacity/Hydrogen
  13. Goto the Marketplace, purchase Urban City, Modular Building Set, Race Course Pack, Character Attributes, Blueprints Inventory,Simple Multiplayer Chat,Realistic Blueprints Weapons,Improptu Ladders,Industrial Props Set, Weapon Equip
  14. Add Marketplace content to Streaming Landscapes to Build Level.
  15. Talk to ClayBender about some Modular Clothing Packs for the Blue Guy Pawn.
  16. Monetize the Game with In-game Purchases.