Untitled Game like Super Smash Bros

Fan Made Map: Hyrule Castle
Created By: Dead City Interactive
Rights owned by: Nintendo

Will be making my own maps and characters but this is just a little test map until the other ones are done and will not be releasing this map if I choose to sell the game one day as I do not own the rights to the level layout and textures. The Hyrul Castle map was made with the exact same textures as the original N64 Super Smash Bros game, built it with only builder brush and took about 2 hours on and off, I found the song on you tube and made it a soundcue on loop. The game will have weather settings like Wind, Rain and dust and will have day and night settings as well. Also custom character creation.

Cool I love SSB! :slight_smile:

Hi Goldenhead,

This is really awesome, takes me back to my childhood and knocking people indiscriminately into tornadoes! I look forward to seeing more of what you come up with in the future!

Me too ! I have loved it ever since I was young and I thought I should make something that there wasn’t much of :slight_smile:

In the future the maps will be all originally made by myself, maybe try some of the already made assets and see what I can come up with :slight_smile: I spent some time trying to get the tornado working… yet no luck. It will take time but hopefully this project will work and get some backing behind it and by that I mean I might try to put it on steam green light also kickstarter. I will probably put a recruiting post up aswell but for now its just a one man team.

Me and my son used to play this game for entire weekends at a time! Brings back alot of old memories. Please keep going, the world needs games like this.

Another Arena being made Called “Story Book” or something else i may change it too. Will change the Models around to all my own once they are made but for now this is just a little taste of what it may look like !

My Thoughts Exactly ! :smiley:

Best of luck to you on this project, I often catch myself on a thought that side scrollers (especially those having a fighting system) are a genre where you can’t really go wrong

Haha thank you :slight_smile: They are pretty easy but you can come across things that are very hard to get around… But yes they are good and it gives my alot of options to choose from weather just to release on consoles or pc and mobile devices also, just with mobile i will have to dull the graphics way down to make it not freeze or lag…

Yeah, that’s true. So how is your project doing? Don’t ever stop, even if sometimes you feel like renouncing from your idea! :wink:
As for development, I think that usually you want to start from a PC since you have minimum hardware and input issues, then (perhaps) release it for the consoles (this one is a bit trickier) and only then create a mobile version.

with work and my game course as well to compete with its going good :slight_smile: I’ve done quite a few more levels with challenges to beat. I’ve made some characters as well but finding the fighting part hard but I will have to work past that. Thanks for the confidence boost I get to a point where I want to give up but now I won’t :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work, if i can help in anyway, just shout.

That would be great ! ill send you a private message to see what we can do.

Sometime this weekend or before I will be starting a recruitment post. Private message me if any of you guys want to join before hand. I will be needing help as I won’t be able to do this all on my own. It will pay off but for now it is just a hobby thing. No pressure. If you guys join and decide that this isn’t the project for you then you are more than welcome to leave but if you decide to stay than let’s get working !!

I know this is 2 years old but can you by any chance show me how you’re getting the fighting system to work? I’ve been trying to find out how to do it.

If you’re looking for combat mechanic ideas, you can first play Super Smash Flash 2. It’s a fan made game like Super Smash Bros (but made in Flash) with some cool new solutions. Once you know what your combat system should look like, you’ll find plenty of tutorials which will help you made it with Unreal Engine.