Untitled 365 days adventure

Hi everyone!

After installing the engine recently I caught myself playing around with it more and more, doing useless experiments and a like.
So to turn the tests into something more productive I decided to make an UE4 everyday for at least a year. I did this with one render per day a few years ago and learned a lot from it.
Currently I’m putting one hour per day into it as my free time is limited because of an other project, but as time goes on I might be able to invest more.

What is it going to be?
A Myst-like exploration game focused on VR.

Why am I doing this?
To learn something new.
I never really worked with a game engine before, so the main focus is getting into things I know nothing about. One of the many attractions is that one has to create spaces that look appealing from different angles compared to stills or videos where you are in charge of the framing and the audience always sees what you want them to see.

Where are the results?
I will post an updated build once a week on Mondays for anyone who wants to try it out. Will post WIPs and other stuff once in a while too.
The builds will be posted as they are. Meaning there will be unfinished elements, bugs and things alike.

Game builds:


WIPs, screenshots, related stuff:

Thanks for checking by!

To keep the OP tidy.

First week I spent more figuring out how all this stuff works rather than creating content.
Had so many FBX import issues related to lightmaps and collisions. Anyway, thats the stony path of learning.

Some screenshot and early rough idea sketch.

I remember spending hours and hours in Myst when I was younger. I also played the sequels and such…great game with beautiful scenes. The shot you posted above looks great and your first pass at blocking it out looks great…more than I’ve done so far. Great work and look forward to seeing more.

Eek posting yesterday’s quick weekly build for the sake of completeness.

Currently still more concerned about setting the base gameplay and character right, before building assets as the character will affect everything by a lot. Maybe I will manage to get it done for build 003. Changes in the log and download link in the OP. Currently focused on the character, so not many changes in the environment.
Also after two weeks of UE4, things become a lot more fun and routine so really looking forward to build some levels soon.

Some early previz screenshots from the current build:

Failed hardcore on importing PLA cached cloth sims yesterday. Will have to check out if it’s possible at all haha.

This week there are almost no visible changes, but finally through with most of the Blueprint/gameplay preparation related stuff.

Download link updated for v0.03 in the OP.

Updated from Monday with a small delay. Download link in the OP as usual.
Big(ger) updates in the coming weeks.

Screenshot update: