Untimely crashs of UE4

(note: i’m french, i hope my English will be understandable).

I’ve recently installed UE4. But when i start a project, after one or two clicks, it crashs.
I tryied to uninstall the engine, uninstall plugins, uninstall launcher and all epic data, but it doesn’t change nothing : it crashs after few seconds.
Notice that it crashed once in the project selection UI : i didn’t even got the time to open a project.

I’m running on a brand new laptap : win10 x64, 8Go of RAM and gtx1060. Hardware isn’t the problem.

What should I do ? try to install new pilotes ?

Thank you.


(i hope this message is in the right categorie).

I’ve looked up your crash reports, and you are experiences crashes related to your graphics card timing out. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51650)

You may want to ensure that your laptop is using the correct GPU for the Unreal Engine and is not defaulting to an integrated card. If you run searches, you can also find other users discussing possible solutions to related issues. (one example)