Untill Light

**Untill Light

Untill Light is a light based FPS that mixes a lot of elements taken from Horror and Survival games without losing its shooter soul. Untill Light also has a beautiful style with only simple low-poly models.

With Untill Light I want to bring you in an immersive and amazing adventure in a first person shooter game that mixes together horror and survival elements without losing his shooting soul. To make your adventure more immersive than other shooters I decided to use Unreal Engine 4 to give you the best light effects and also to have the best performance possible.

In Untill Light the light is your best friend and also your worst enemy. Is up to you to decide which one is the right definition.

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Is there an Alpha or something?
Yes, today I’ve published the first Development Alpha of Untill Light. It can be downloaded here on IndiedDB

What can I find in this Alpha?

  • Basic FPS gameplay

  • Basic animation

  • Weapon pickup/drop

  • Basic survival mode based on waves

  • One kind of enemy with death particles

  • Basic pause menu with basic quality settings

  • One simple map divided into two parts: desert and forest

  • A unique and amazing “Dark” immersion

  • Weapon Sounds (need to calibrate all audio volumes)

  • Reload Sounds

  • Visible issues and bugs that will be corrected in the future

This is only the begining, I’ll add more features soon. I’m really excited for next what is coming into Untill Light.

Known issues:**

  • Sometimes the enemies stock into objects

  • Sometimes enemies began to fly in the desert biome

  • Sometimes death sequence doesn’t end