until crowdfund/kickstart VR experience


My name is chris, I am 34, I’m from the Uk - Liverpool, I am 3d artist and go under the business name The Simulacrum, I have worked for various different studios and clients over the years, most notable are Marvel/Dysney creating 3d charaters and statues, but I have recently purchased an HTC vive, for the past month I have been adapting my 3d work to fit the VR environment.

It was working within the Vive I realised that something amazing can be achieved and I have the skills to make it visually unique and interesting. I understand the concept of presence and my work now works around this new thought process.

I am extending this opportunity to people who ideally live in the uk, as using the Vive with me is a must have.

The opportunity requires a solid programmer, who is competent within Unreal and is confident in being able to program in Vr. I could work and try to figure out the blueprints I need, but the modelling is going to take most of my time and as such I need help with the programming of various aspects.

The skills which would be required would be - from my perspective and knowledge

  • Programming the controllers to interact with the environment, opening and closing, lifting, throwing, placing, in a very realistic way utilising real world physical attributes.
  • Programming sequences of events based on the above.
    The skills are not required straightaway but a keen motivation to learn them is essential, once those are learned then the pace at which this can be developed is substanstial.

This is the start of a journey into VR, and I know like me there are people who are simply working on there own time as they probably have jobs which are not in the field of expertise, this appears to be the case from the people I have met along the way.

This is not an opportunity for someone who has money as there primary motivation.

Financially I am like most earning enough to keep myself comfortable, but the market in VR is huge, any new “experience is purchased” and therefor, one which follows the principles of presence and has a quality appearance will do well.

The plan is to create a working “experience” at least from the point of interacting with the environment, to create a video of it as a teaser, then to create a crowdfund/kickstart, to promote via social media and other various areas the fully realised vision, the funds raised will be used to either invest into any tech we may need, for example - motion capture for animation, the rest will be divided equally between the team, I am not greedy, I want to work with people, like minded who share my core vision and goals.

My goal is not to make a quick buck here, but to create a team to then to create a small studio, to create something which can be built upon, the success of the funding will support the on going development - the concept/story has already been created.

I’m going to be logging back in January 1st 2017 to give people time to seriously think and consider this and maybe look into what is needed from a programming perspective.

As a start I will only consider 1 programmer and It will then be “our” decision whether or not we need more in the team to get the idea realised and if we can use the funds to acquire on the way.

I hope all those who think they have the skills and the drive and the passion to be a part of something which could potentially pull all those involved out of there current situation into a place where I think all of us want to be , a fully realised studio team who brings ideas to “virtual reality” - this is the end goal and it is one which can be achieved with the correct mindset.

ArtStation - Chris Everritt - this is my level of work

Most if not all of my major work is under NDA.

So in closing , if your are interested and live in the Uk, please consider this, and I look forward to hearing from you.