Unsure of what the execution output is doing in Blueprints (OnHit Event)

I’m looking at the tutorial for Using the OnHit Event with Blueprints, and I am still uncertain of what the **execution output (white pin) **is doing.

I understand that the event is checking to see if the object for other comp is simulating physics, and uses a branch statement to check if it is (true). If so it will add an impulse at that location.

What is the purpose of the execution output from the OnHit event? Why not skip that output completely, and just use the context from the Is Simulating Physics statement, which checks for true / false anyway?

Your questions is rather confusing. Could you put together the Blueprint how you imagine it should be to express your concern more visually?

The execution from the Hit Event gives you an indication that something was hit at that time step. If there was no execution pin, how would you know that something was hit, or something new has been hit?

Perhaps you want a delay before adding the Impulse. Delay nodes require an execution path to function correctly, how would you set that up without the Hit Events execution?

Try rephrasing your question or perhaps im just missing it entirely. In which case my apologies :slight_smile: