Unsupported graphics card crash

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I recently reset my laptop in order to thoroughly clean my laptop for once. After reinstalling my drivers and updating them and installing the epic games launcher i cannot seem to get it to work properly. The case is that whenever I try to start the epic Games launcher an error comes up saying: "your graphics does not meet the minimum requirements, followed by an ue4 crash report.
I’m currently running an gtx 960m, (windows 10) graphics card which should do the job. It seems the Epic Games launcher is only using my integrated graphics card. I’ve already used the nvidia control panel to make sure the launcher uses the nvidia card and set the nvidia card as a global instead of the Intel HD one. However Epic Games Launcher still refuses to use it. Only when disabling the integrated graphics card it will work, however i’m not so comfortable doing this since it will certainly cause my battery to empty out quicker with normal usage.
Are there any other configurations i need to set in order to make the launcher use the nvidia card? Or might it just be a windows bug. I’ve also checked that my drivers are up to date which they are.
If anyone could help me solve the issue I would very much appreciate it since it’s kinda getting anoying.

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Did you try to run UE4 directly?

Hello Attenhud,

I tried to look for other people reporting this particular issue but couldn’t find reports. I would suggest trying to open the editor directly, as Shadowriver suggested, if you have downloaded it. Otherwise, please use the “Email Us” option at help.epicgames.com for further assistance, as that is where we are doing our support for the Epic Games Launcher directly.

Nevermind, I already managed to solve the issue. Somehow reinstalling the launcher and running it from my admin account makes it work. Thanks for the response.
I would set this thread on resolved if i could but i don’t know how.

Thanks for the tip. I had the same problem, and now if I run the launcher with admin privileges everything works again. Weird…

Aug 2017:

I just like to add, during the Epic launcher on my MSI laptop with a Nvidia GTX1060 I got the message:

"Unsupported graphic card

There is a problem…"

  1. I re installed EpicGamesLauncher (EpicGamesLauncherInstaller-5.0.1-3544582.msi) (reinstall might not even be needed)
  2. Restarted the laptop
  3. Epic games launcher worked again and did not complain about the graphic card.