Unsupported 16-bit application

Hi, I have a working project in UE4, its runninf just fine in editor, but when I try to launch it from Editor it crashes and shows error window.


It also happens when I start packaged project.
Do you have any idea how to fix this ?
Thank you

we got this problem too, solved by these steps

1, delete intermediate and saved directories
2, regenerate solution
3, compile project
4,start editor and package again.

have a nice day!


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Hey - I get the same mistakes - What do you mean my regenerate solution?

Right click on uproject file and click regenerate files

i don’t see “Regenarete files” just Launch game, Generate visual studio or switch unreal version?

Also just started seeing this in 5.1. Same project packaged correctly in 5.0.3
Right-click - Switch Unreal Engine version… sets EngineAssociation and also runs:
Right-click - Generate Visual Studio project files
Which I’ve done. I’ve cleaned Intermediates and Binaries, still cant run my exe…

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