Unsuccessful Login Attempts

Hi! I didn’t know where to write this topic but I guess general discussion will be a good place.

Few weeks ago I’ve got an email that there have been unsuccessful login attempts on my epic games account from I’ve changed my passwords few days after without any problems, I was surprised that somebody would want to try to login into my epic games account without knowing my password. I was hoping that it was a one time situation but few weeks after the password changed I’ve received that email again and I don’t know what to do really. This is a strange situation because somebody is interested in the account that I’m not using too much and I don’t have anything important here. I’ve checked if was a legit mail and if I’m not mistaken this is the official mail address of Epic Games.

(sorry for my english if there are any mistakes)

Epic is dealing with a high volume of attempts by hackers trying to access people’s accounts. The biggest issue is that information connected with you may have been leaked by another service/website and hackers are trying to use that information on other websites (like Epic Games) and see if they can get into accounts where that person is using the same login information.
If your password is already changed, then you’re fine, you can also activate two-factor authorization in your account settings which will further secure your account.
Hopefully Epic can work to reduce the ability of hackers to try and log in to people’s accounts that way. The main reason this is happening is due to the popularity of Fortnite and Epic wasn’t prepared for the large influx of traffic.

Ok, thank you for a response. Guess I have to change passwords everywhere :confused: