Unstable material?

Hello there, first time poster here on this forum. Looked a decent amount of places to find a way to do sort of a moving/animated unstable material/mesh. Also tried some things on my own, such as looking for a distortion effect in the material editor, but couldn’t find anything. Only thing I can think of is maybe animating in blender or a 3d software then importing to UE4? Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question but I’m fairly new to this, hence the “first time poster”. Any help would be appreciated!

I’m not entirely sure what you would like. Is there a picture/example of this you have seen in a game that you could send? Pictures always help.

I’m looking for sort of what Kylo Ren’s saber looks like in the new Star Wars films. So an unstable sort of distorted effect, that of which looks like his light saber.