Unstable AMD driver (390)


I’m experiencing an extreme amount of GPU driver crashes when using Unreal Engine. Just moving around in a viewport (scene, bp viewports etc) I’m running a high risk of a crash. The viewport simply freezes and shortly after I get a system pop-up which says my driver crashed and has been restored, and then a message stating the same in Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is the only program I’ve noticed that crashes my drivers. I use the Substance package, Modo, Maya, various other program utilizing viewports but none of them crashes my drivers like Unreal Engine does. Are there more 390 users out there who are experiencing this?

I’ve tried the 15.8beta driver, and 15.9.1beta driver. I’ve also tried UE4.8.3 and 4.9.2. I’ve also tried multiple project which does not share any assets etc. The problem persists though any of them.

-post your pc specs
-check if you can see something in the unreal engine 4 logs
-report it on answerhub -> https://answers.unrealengine/index.html :slight_smile: