Unstable Ai Behaviour tree

There’s really little information in your question. Would you mind posting some more, like how your tree looks like, what kind of BT nodes have you implemented yourself, etc.

My Ai Behaviour tree is being really unstable, even without touching it. It Work like I want sometime but after 5 minutes, my bots starts to freak out and do random thing, use the ai perception that I didn’t even used and it’s really annoying.

It look like that, I have multiples bots and they are supposed to be fighting each other and go destroy the enemy base. They attack the nearest enemy and go automatically on it, even if it don’t see it. So I don’t need the ai senses but they are always following the player when it enter in is field of view and the player as nothing to do in the behaviour tree. As I asid, it works fine but after some time, it starts to bug and be really wacky and then 5 min after they go as expected. I don’t know if it is a bug of the engine, my PC or projects setting because my Behaviour tree is working fine when it want

There are bugs in the engine, but it’s usually a good idea the bug is in the game code, verify that everything is bulletproof, and then blame the engine. We’re using BTs for multiple projects, where it runs for a lot longer than 5 minutes, so I don’t think this specific issue is related to BT internal code.

How is the ‘TargetActor’ key being set? Is there a chance it gets set to the Player? If so, make sure your BB keys are not marked as “synchronised” (there was a bug regarding that).

Oh my god…well that was all… all my bb variables where synchronized… Thanks a lot for the help :smiley: