Unspecific/Unhelpful build errors?

Hello, while editing some code, I came across this error. I can’t run my game but it doesn’t specify what the problem is.

What can I do in this situation? Are there any specific things that cause this error?

It seems my addition of the int variable is causing that strange error…
Why would an int cause that? It’s not even being used anywhere.

Yes that is absolutely useless and was a bane in my side for so long. This needs to be fixed, though to be honest I kept forgetting to report it.

What you need to do is open a CMD shell in windows and manually run the same command it is running, the second line there. When you do you will see you have some preprocessor error, like a bad UPROPERTY or something that is causing that initial step to fail, but UBT doesn’t report it back to VS.

EDIT: Based on your edit I can tell you the problem is oyu can’t make an “int” into a Blueprintable property. It needs to be int32. In fact you should never us plain int anywhere in Unreal.

on the same VS console you have an “output flap”. It can’t be seen on your screenshoot, but it is at bottom left. There sometimes you have a better error description.

I just noticed int32 worked and was about to edit again lol, but thanks for the clarification.

I read somewhere that int was just an alias for int32. Is there a reason unreal doesn’t like int?

Originally gave intelisense errors, restarting VS fixed that.

Absolutely not. See: Coding Standard | Unreal Engine Documentation

Specifically, “Do not use the C++ int type in portable code, since it is dependent on the compiler how large it is.”

As for Intellisense errors, pretty much just ignore them. Intellisense sucks and is so far behind changes it is practically useless. Further more, it will often lag behind stuff in your headers, because that stuff needs to be preprocessed by UBT first.