Unsolvable Structure Errors?

This is the order of events:

-I load up UE4 and 4 blueprints fail to compile at initial load.
This is the first sign of trouble in UE4’s output log:

LogClass: UUserDefinedStruct.Serialize 'GalD_ShipSection' validation: Struct unknown (deleted?). Parent 'UserDefinedStruct /Game/GalaxyData/GalD_ShipSection.GalD_ShipSection' Property: 'ExtraHulls_90'

All 4 blueprints make use of the GalD_ShipSection Structure, which contains the following error:

Struct unknown (deleted?). Parent 'UserDefinedStruct /Game/GalaxyData/GalD_ShipSection.GalD_ShipSection' Property: 'ExtraHulls_90'

As seen in the images below, the GalD_DesignSectionExtra Structure is obviously not ‘deleted’, and contains no visible errors.

-Attempting to fix this I found that if I update the GalD_ShipSection Structure either by renaming a variable, or adding a new one, then it compiles fine.

-After that I move to the 4 other blueprints and reconnect pins that disconnected and recompile them.

-I then confirm everything is working by playing the level in the editor.

-After, I save and then exit UE4.

-Upon reloading the Structure is once again broken, and I have to repeat the steps above.

I dunno how to fix this problem, and my attempts are consuming large amounts of my time.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I am willing to post further info if you need it.

I have a similar problem with a csv table containing links to textures not working on the initial loading of the project. A bit of a fiddle makes it work. It’s irritating.

Agreed. It is irritating…
It consumes time to have to fix it every time the editor loads for the first time, but as I said I can keep working via just leaving the editor running…
However, aside from being irritated every time I re-load the editor, Im also worried that it might cause a problem in the final build…

I almost forgot.
I did some further checking and exported the GalD_ShipSection Structure immediately after a reload, and immediately after successfully compiling it.

I found that the order that everything is listed in the exported .COPY is vastly different after the compile.
I have attached the .COPY files (as .txt).