Unsolvable Build vs. Editor Script Error (God please help)

So I’m working with a small team on this fan project. Some time ago, our lead programmer just wanted to see how the project would run as a final distributable build (just for testing). Well, when trying to do this, he encountered the error message:

"you are referencing an object in a public property of a script that was generated dynamically in the editor. This happens easily on scripts that can run both in editor and at runtime."

He says that when he tries to instantiate a prefab and then getcomponent on said instance, he’s met with this error. The programmers have worked tirelessly and have reached out to outside teams to try to find a solution to the issue, but we haven’t found anything. It doesn’t help that this project is coded with Javascript or that there is nothing anywhere about this exact error message. I figured all I can do at this point is reach out to the community here and hope someone really in-the-know knows what is happening here.

If I have to, I can ask our Project Manager about messaging someone the project and/or a build of the game to see if they encounter the same issue or if they think they know what the problem might be. If there are questions, I’ll do all I can to provide quick responses with accurate information.

Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help us!

It sounds like you’re working in Unity, this forum is for Unreal Engine

There’s a Javascript plugin in Unreal Marketplace actually.
I don’t think Unity have Javascript support anymore.

UE4 doesn’t instantiate prefabs though