Unset state after loosing trace

Hello, i am using “LineTraceByChannel” in a blueprint to check, if an object is hit. If hit, i set the emissive color to a new value. How can i change back that value to default, when loosing my trace on the object?


In exact same way or by creating new MID.

“Event on Hover” is called in the Player-Blueprint when the “LineTraceByChannel” is hitting an Actor. If the Actor has the custom event “Event on Hover”, the function, as shown in the image above, is executed.

However, when the trace inside the Player-Blueprint is lost, i can’t call a new custom event (e.g. “Event on Hover Out”), because i don’t know anymore which actor lost the focus.

herei have an example which i made for some other guys from this forum, include projectile spawning, damage dealing, some basic respawn and **mouse over highlight **which you might need to look at

Can you take a look at the file? When i try to download it as zip-file it fails.

Thank you for your help.

works for me
hereanother one

Dropbox worked. Thank you for re-uploading!