Unselectable, unremovable landscape splines

Hello. I have problem with my landscape splines. I tried to remove one of them, but the mesh seems to stuck, and there is no way to remove it. I removed spline, but the mesh was still there, so I was thinking that I must reload map, reopen Unreal Engine or something. But the mesh is still there, and there is no way to select it. Is there any way to remove

Hi try to close the project and delete Save and intermediate folder also I’m not sure if the spline is still visible/listed in the world outliner you could select it there and remove it.

Hope that solves the issue.

Landscape splines are not listed in the world outliner, and unfortunately removing save and intermeditate folders also did not work. The mesh is still there.


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I realise this is an old post. But I had the same issue lately and found a solution.

If you resize the terrain using resample instead of expand. Make it the same resolution, and number of components etc. The un-selectable landscape spline gets removed entirely.