Hello guys!

We’ve been hanging around reading some awesome stuff for a while here and finally we’ve decided to show what we’re working on. So… here we go!

Unsacrifice is set in an undefined era, in a dark and hostile world mixing different ancient cultures aesthetics. The world is full of mysteries, hidden dangers and deformed creatures the player has to escape from. The unique artstyle is something we put a lot of effort on. We wanted to create beautiful environments that, at the same time, terrifies the player with gore elements placed all over them.
It is this kind of duality we wanted to showcase in our game. There’s always two sides in everything, and the player is in the middle, being forced to decide to be able to go forward.

We started this proyect 7 months ago, trying to make beatifully crafted environments, combining different ancient civilization aesthetics such as mayan, egiptian or chinese among others. This aesthetic is set as a double edged knife. On one it’s a beautiful game that the player will want to explore, but on the other it’s a distraction and a bait. If the player doesn’t pay attention to his/her surroundings, fear may be the last of his/her problems, for enemies can jump out of nowhere to catch him/her.

Also, we wanted to experiment a different approach to game design. The same way layers work, we first think about the stage we’re in, the design of that level, the way we’re going to make it beautiful… The “tidy version” so to speak. Then we think about the “messed up” one. We ask ourselves about what horrible things may have happened in that room or stage of the game.

We think this makes the narrative interesting for the player. We want to make him/her eager for more of that sweet sweet lore, to make him/her go out and risk themselves to learn more about the places his/her is in. A sort of risk-and-reward system in which the reward is the lore. Of course, the thing doesn’t stops there. Exploration is a key element in the gameplay. Sometimes, key objects are hidden in an area where is an enemy or maybe something that the player needs to survive…

Hope you like it! Ask anything you want and we’ll try to answer the best way we can. :slight_smile:

New model!

Awesome! Keep up the good work.
I like the graphic style and the atmosphere. Creepy!

Can you tell us a bit more about your team? How many people are working on this project?
When do you plan on releasing it?
Will it support PC, Xbox, Playstation or only VR?

Nevertheless, good job! I’ll keep my eye on this one :slight_smile:

First of all: Thank you for your support!

Right now, we’re eight people working on Unsacrifice, and since we’re focusing on the art style, we’re mostly people specialized in 3D modeling and illustration. We’ve been working together for several months now, updating and preparing our demo and our Kickstarter, which will be live tomorrow (just in time, we know).

Our plan is that Unsacrifice will be ready to be released next year for Oculus VR and PC, although it depends on the result of our Kickstarter campaign for us to port the game to other platforms.

By the way, here are some new screenshots we took :smiley: