Unresponsive Launcher

The Engine has been wonderful to work with thus far, but dear god the launcher can **** me off. Its constantly freezing and can take an absurd amount of time to bring up if I have had it minimized for a few minutes. Not to mention when cycling between images on the marketplace it can easily freeze up. I don’t know why it is so buggy, but I would like it to stop being such a pain.

I can second this, but only recently. Earlier it worked flawlessly.

I can 3rd the problem

I brought this up with Chance a while ago. I reckoned it started around 4.5’s release.

Yeah same here it drives me nuts…when it first loads it alright then after 10 to 20 min it freezes

Perhaps a web caching issue as I noticed that its about the amount of times your current project crashes and then you open the launcher and the memory climbs more. If you do that a few times it will just carry on eating RAM.

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for the feedback. We are aware that the Launcher is often times laggy or even unresponsive for some users. Our developers are currently looking into the issues and we hope to have it fixed in a future update.