Unresolved external error. how do i know which module to include?

Is the convertRotationToActorSpace Function part of a plugin? In this case you will usually have to include the module of this plugin to make it work.

rider is throwing me this error:

I’ve been told this means i need to include some modules in the build.cs file but I don’t know what module to include exactly. i tried PhysicsCore but it didn’t work.
could someone help?

the function is inside the blueprint function library. and it’s being called from an actor.

could it be that i made the function static? i don’t even know what static function is I just added it cause it wouldn’t compile without it lol

Making them static definitely makes sense for functionLibraries. This way the functions are globally available without having to create an instance of the class.

Are you following the portal tutorial from froyok? Am asking for this since I saw “AExedrePortal::TeleportActor” in the error message that you posted.
If that’s the case: Did you maybe create your portal actors under froyoks “EXEDRE_API” while your own FunctionLibrary class uses your projects “XXXX_API”?
This can cause the portal actor to not be able to access your function library.

Ah yes im following his awful tutorial, he didn’t even include some of the behind the scenes functions so i just have to guss what he did :expressionless:

Do u have the full project by any chance? There’s a plugin that Does everything out of the box but it’s not available for 4.27 and the plugin comes with alot of extra code which i dont need…

Yeah, thats really super bad :confused:
Unfortunately, I don’t have the full project at hand. I wasn’t creating his portal system yet actually. I just found his tutorial when I researched the “EXEDRE_API” and the “AExedrePortal::TeleportActor”.

For sure, using the plugin that you mentioned would probably be the easiest solution. In case its maybe available for 4.26 you probably could convert it to 4.27 without big issues.

Otherwise, give replacing “EXEDRE_API” by your projects “XXX_API” a try. This should fix the compile error :slight_smile: