Unresolved compile Error (while there is no Error)

You are right, it does seem to work in 4.8P2 :slight_smile: Thanks!


I ran into exact same problem in UE 4.19, but instead of only one Blueprint being affected it happens in every single blueprint in my game. Is there anything I can do about that?


I am having this same error come up in 4.19.2 - I can visually see my button changing to green check mark then immediately switch back to needs to be compiled question mark.

My compiler results say that BP has compiled successfully.

My error log has no errors.

this happens in both selected viewport as well as PIE mode.

tried closing and reopening project…nothing.

would like to hear some feedback from UE on this. would be immensely helpful.

Hey Chris,
I’m having same issue, did you ever figured out a solution?