UnrealWorldScape - Landscaping brushes and fully customizable advanced landscape shader

Hi everybody,

working with UnrealEngine very often we need to create our own tools or setup. At K-Storm-Studio Ltd we have created UnrealWorldScape because we need to have an advanced asset to share with our friends and collaborators for our projects.

Inside UnrealWorldScape you can find landscape modeling brushes, textures and the instance of the “universal” landscape material.
Using this instance you can activate or deactivate many functionalities you need or don’t in one click and you can also have the ability to set and create 4 different material in the making of your landscape.

UnrealWorldScape combines 4 different materials.
2 base materials allow you to create a small, large or infinite landscape without repetitions. These are very advanced shaders with with all the requirements to set a realistic landscape.
1 slope material based on the slope sides of your terrain. You can also define when material fade based on distance
1 top material here you can set the material position based on landscape altitude, slope and blending. A complex and definitive solution to create top material like snow, lava, plateau or even another material variation for your landscape.

The capabilities are now uncountable.

We are currently improving many functionalities and make it so possible to create any type of scenario.
Future updates, tutorials, videos, images will be published here, on social, on the** K-Storm-Studio channe**l (soon) and on my official magazine.
UnrealWorldScape Modeling brushes and fully customizable Advanced MultiAutomaterials


  • Added ability to paint Landscape layers with all materials
  • Re-edited the entire instance for the Landscape painting
  • Added a new set of brushes
  • Added macro variations on/off for base material
  • Fixed: activating base material macro variations effects even on second base material (Base material variation)
  • Fixed the Base material variation dark color
  • Improved Master and Instance materials based on layers
  • Improved Base material variation based on final instance
  • Improved Displacement function


  • Added new brushes
  • Improved material variation function
  • Added Normal map to the Variation Material


  • Added parametric Dirt function (experimental)
  • Improved MacroVariations scaling system
  • Removed AO color for the entire shader

Version 0.8:

  • Activate/deactivate materials you need
  • Activate/deactivate functions you need
  • Set slope material position/blend
  • Set top material position/blend

- Base Material

  • Additional bump heightmap
  • Additional bump heightmap intensity
  • Colormap tint variation
  • Normal map and amount
  • Normal map complex algo
  • Displacement material and tessellation
  • Activate/deactivate macro variation
  • 3 different size of macro variation
  • Variation color
  • Specular power
  • Roughness power
  • Macro roughness power
  • Activate/deactivate metallic
  • Metallic power

- Additional Base Variation Material

  • Base variation material colormap
  • Distribution map
  • Intensity map min/max power

- Slope Material

  • Additional bump heightmap
  • Additional bump heightmap intensity
  • Colormap tint variation
  • Normal map and amount
  • Normal map complex algo
  • Texture at distance system
  • Roughness and specular settings
  • Change distance and tint based on value

- Top Material

  • Color map
  • Colormap tint variation
  • Normal map and normal map power
  • Specular intensity
  • Roughness intensity
  • Top material distribution position
  • Top material distribution blending


Wow! Sounds deep and practical. I’ll check in every so often to see how it’s developing and start using it when I get a new computer that is capable of fast-rendering landscapes.

Thanks @ Yes it is very practical and as a 3DSMax artist since the 90s my approach has been to try to running closer to it in the making the landscape material. I’ll post some pictures about it soon plus updates and yes, new photos and video tutorials once I’ll get the version 1.0 :slight_smile:

Updated to v0.9a

New pictures. Our Instance is made with a combination of 4 materials and it makes possible to create and set up different scenarios:

Update and new images. Release 1.0 is coming very soon

New pictures, making a desert in UnrealWorldScape

Material View

Improvements and update