UnrealVS command missing

I am trying to add command UnrealVS to the visual studio 2019. I am reading this document: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/…lVS/index.html
However command is missing, did everything step-by-step so far.

Sorry if i post to wrong category, i didn’t see any category to discuss technical difficulties…

That exact menu of options, as depicted in the document you’re referencing, can be found under the Extensions category.

No there is no UnrealVS plugin under extensions. Extensions is already category you have to select, UnrealVS should be under categories from this tutorial, where it is not.

I installed it to VS 2019 yesteday, works great. All commands from UnrealVS category are under Extensions.

VS 2017


VS 2019

Use ones from Extensions category, those are very same commands as commands you could find in UnrealVS category of VS 2017.