UnrealTournament repository activity?

Hey folks,

Does anyone know the status of the Unreal Tournament repo on github? Both branches haven’t been touched since mid/early 2018, and the forum the points to for discussion seems to no longer exist. If you have no idea what I’m talking about - if you connect your Github and Epic accounts, you can join the github “organization” and you are able to see the UT and UE repositories.

The README says this:

“This is the project page for Unreal Tournament on GitHub. Unreal Tournament is being created in close collaboration between Epic and the Unreal Engine 4 developer community. You’ll be able to see live commits from Epic developers along with integrated code submissions from the community! You can also use this code as a starting point for experimentation and Unreal Tournament mod creation.”

However, it seems very little of that is actually happening?

I think most of the developers are working on Fortnite so it makes sense that UT development has pretty much halted.