UnrealSearch.com "A Custom Search Engine for Unreal Developer"

I thought it would be cool to have a Google Custom Search Engine for the Unreal Engine 4. That would be made it possible to search through the forum and other unreal relevant websites with the accuracy of the Google search engine. So I created Unreal Search what mostly search through the Unreal Forum and the Answerhub and some other websites so you only get links that are relevant for you. But if you know some helpful websites that I should add tell me. You also can tell me Unreal related synonyms that would help to find the right post or website.

PS: Unreal Search is on a very early stage of development and works the best on a desktop with Firefox or Chrome.

Link: https://unrealsearch.com


Hi, can you say more about how this searches or works exactly???
It could be useful as the UDK docs / forums search is often broken
As long as the results aren’t mixed up: UDK/UE3 mixed in with UE4…


Hello, franktech

I just added a search option for the UDK forum where you only find the UDK posts.
Thanks for the idea to make a search filter for the UDK forum.

Links I used for the UDK search filter. :

Google Custom Search:

GREAT JOB Grocker!!!](https://forums.unrealengine.com/member/277866-grocker) The normal search function in Unreal is horrible. Every search it use or and even in the advance search you cannot use and or ".

Any normal search engine will give you the results of multiple words, so if you searched for: PS4 Touchpad, the results should just be anything that contains both words, instead the forum search returns any post with touchpad or PS4.

Thank you again, I will be using your search in the future.