UnrealScript to Blueprint vector Question

I’m converting a project I made in UDK to UE4 and I have a question about how to go about doing something.

I have this line of code from UDK:
dotResult = vector(GGG_PC.Pawn.Rotation) DOT Normal(BlueGhost.Location - GGG_PC.Pawn.Location)

I’m trying to find out what the “vector(rotator)” part does so that I can replicate it. In Blueprint, I’m using GetForwardVector, but it’s giving me odd results. Am I going about this wrong?

According to I’m trying to “To get a vector of length one that points in the direction of the rotator

Try get right vector, I had something similar and it turned out to be a handedness issue caused by 3ds Max.

Actually Get Forward Vector is what I needed. The reason why it wasn’t working is that I was trying to get the location of the AI controller (which is garbage) and not the location of the controlled pawn. It works now. Thanks for your help though!

Heh, glad you solved it. The ai controller usually exists at the center of the world with some arbitrary rotation, so yeh… not very useful.