unrealscript c++ similarity

hi. i have some project and unrealscript code in udk when i see name of functions are so similar to unrealscript. i want to know hiererchical classes and structure still is the same and diffrence is just about syntax and can i easily port it or there are big changes that i still couldnt found? thank you for helping

Many gameplay framework classes will be quite familiar (Controller, Pawn etc.) and serve similar roles. Some names have changes (e.g. GameInfo -> GameMode), and there are some new classes (e.g. Character is a subclass of Pawn that contains all the walking logic).

so you mean for example for coding a weapon still inventory inventorymanager and weapon classes are there and most of the functions are there just i have to change the syntax and for some functions just i have to search for replacement name. right?

Actually ‘Inventory’ is one of the systems we removed from Engine in UE4. That seemed very ‘game dependent’ and we felt it was better to let people build their own based on their own requirements.

I think this was a great decision. The inventory system in UE3 was way too pervasive, especially if you want to create more complex inventory management systems.