Unreal's VR Templates Crash on Non-VR Android Devices


When opening the VR Template from Unreal Engine 4.27, and even after removing the “Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2” from “Package for Oculus Mobile Devices” the packaged APK crashes / closes the app on my Phone every time. I need the build to be the same between two different devices, that will connect seamlessly together online. I’m using one build for both of these applications, just changing some settings to allow the Packaging to work properly for either device.

Why is this not working? Why can’t the phone function inside the VR Template?
It opens the app, displays the Unreal logo and then closes.

Anyone tried anything similar and know whats up?

Turns out the Mobile Multi-View was Enabled in Rendering - VR settings, turning this off solved the problem for me.