Unreal's inbuilt android local notification icon is always a black image. Where/how do we set the image?

As described, the local notification always throws back a black image no matter what i try. It isn’t using my app icon at all.

I follow the below link for the implementation :

There is no mention about the icon/image of the notification. Is there any hack we need to do to fix this ?


Yes, UE doesn’t support it. It is necessary to implement it on the App side.

You can generate the notification icon using the Android Studio or any other online service that generates the images. Add the icon in the correct folders of Build/Android/res structure.

Also, if you are using Firebase and want to receive notifications from them, it is necessary to add at the AndroidManifest.xml at Application tag:

<meta-data android:name="com.google.firebase.messaging.default_notification_icon"
            android:resource="@drawable/notification_icon" />

When you say that it has to be implemented on the App side, do you have an example of this?