UnrealPDX - March Meetup with Special Guest Dan Adams - Portland, OR - March 30, 2018

This month our guest speaker is Dan Adams from Polar Zenith!

Dan will talk about his background as a self-taught game developer starting with MechWarrior: Living Legends, then dive into a high-level explanation of his process for prototyping and developing some really cool mechanics and visual effects in Unreal Engine 4, including:

If you have questions or want to connect with Portland UE4 devs before the meetup, join our Discord server at!

Former Co-Founder of Wandering Samurai Studios and the Creative Director of the acclaimed 2009 total conversion mod “MechWarrior: Living Legends”, Dan has founded Polar Zenith studios with the plans of building new games titles that follow the same passion and dedication he showed when building MWLL. Now with over 10 years AAA experience under his belt, he begins his journey of independent game development with his break out title of Solar Warden.