UnrealMeshProcessingTools in UE 5.01? (UE5)

Hi folks!
I’ve been using the UnrealMeshProcessingTools from gradientspace:


I’ve been starting using this in 4.26 and somehow managed to convert it to 5.0 EA a while ago. But when I just tried to convert it to 5.01 I ended up with a ton of errors, starting with:

Could not find definition for module ‘GeometricObjects’, (referenced via Target → RuntimeGeometryUtils.Build.cs)|ProceduralMeshesDemo|C:\Projects\UnrealProceduralMeshesDemo-master\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\UnrealBuildTool|1||

After commenting this line, my Errorlog explodes with stuff I’ve never seen before and which I don’t understand.
To be honest, I am pretty new to c++ and I am really no debugging pro in C++, but since I am pretty experienced in C# and many others I was hoping to get the tool running, but after hours of trying I have to admit I am to stupid for this.

I am aware, there is the new MeshScripting Environment in 5.x and I am afraid it could be s.th. incompatible to the MeshProcessingTools but since I had it working in early access I still have some hope left.

Has anyone of you guys managed to get the UnrealMeshProcessingTools running in 5.01?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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