UnrealGameSync - How to share the pre-built binaries for other Continuous Integration tasks?

We rolled out UnrealGameSync really quickly for our team, with our CI system building the tools, project editor and Win64 client and uploading for UGS. (using the BuildEditorAndTools buildgraph script).

I have a collection of other tasks I’d like my CI system to perform (package builds, tests, resavepackages etc), and am now unsure of the best method to get that pre-built data and start running commands against it.

Taking resavepackages as an example:

  • Should I be compiling tools again before I can run the editor commandlet?

  • (feels like wasted time, especially if that updates the engine version, and bakes that into the umap asset)

  • Should I be uploading the editor binaries elsewhere and extracting them into my build agent’s workspace?

  • (basically trying to do what UGS does, but via batch file commands, a bunch of p4 cleans etc)

  • Could I use UnrealGameSync on the commandline to invoke a sync and download of pre-built binaries

  • (doesn’t look like the tool supports this)

I feel like I’ve created a real disconnect between what I expect developers to do, and what my build agents need to do.