UnrealFastNoise - Modular Noise Generator Plugin

I failed in my Mac as well, but it works on my PC. Maybe you can change the system to windows.

By any chance, is it possible to integrate bicubic interpolation into this plugin? I tried digging into the codes but my brain fried on the 66th line…

The functions are declared as inline in the header, but he function definition is in the cpp. You can either remove the FORCEINLINE in the class definition in the header or move the appropriate functions in the header.

Would someone be so kind and provide some binaries for this plugin? I can’t run VisualStudio and compile them myself, and i’m having a terrible time trying to make this plugin work, it’s a nightmare, i’m sing UE 4.18 if that helps.

Installing VS 2015 community and compiling is really the easiest option. Distributing binaries for every platform, every version would be a nightmare.

Is it possible to somehow use the noise module with a Render Target to create a texture during run time?

EDIT: After posting, I realised it would be possible through the Draw Canvas to Render Target node and then painting pixel by pixel, getting the values for each coordinate. If there’s a faster way, would love suggestions - otherwise this should work.

Sure. If you look at my other plugin CashGen, you can see an example where I use the output from the noise plugin to generate a depth texture which I then use on the water material.

i’m new in every thing , soo how do you make this thing to work witch Unreal ? what do you do with it after downloading it ?

Please follow this:

All plugins on the PC in UE4 there is a folder “Binaries” which 2 files, in UnrealFastNoise its not. Perhaps if you added it to Your plugin, it would run without problems.

This works for 4.22.3, skip step 7

Ok can someone explain me how the ■■■■ i should use the generator from this plugin to create a dynamic mesh from it? I cant find any working examples, and all of the 3 examples provided are not explaining how to use the generator output. Its frustrating, can someone hint me a working tutorial or smth?

Does anybody have a sample blueprint/ProjectFile/Tutorial to show how to set up instanced Static mesh with animated noise at runtime? I’ve watched the creators videos but they don’t show the entire blueprint. And the CashGen demo project doesn’t have a sample file for Fast Noise.

I’ve submitted a sample level in the CashDemo project.

Open the Level Blueprint to see how I’ve configured the noise generator to move some ISM instances around, like the first videos on this thread.