UnrealEye (N64 Classic Re-imagined)

Hello community!


I enjoy looking at each and everyone’s game projects, scenes, blueprint ideas and all sorts of stuff so thank you for checking out this thread; I hope you will enjoy it as it grows!
So basically, what am I doing or what HAVE I been doing? Well over the past few months I’ve been playing around with a lot of project ideas. Some were okay but mostly things I just feel out of love with. I had pre-planned to do this project not too long back but for some reason I worked on it for about a solid week (or 24 REAL man hours) researching level geometry and so and so forth… just to stop. I ran into some problems but after cooling down a bit and realizing its not the end of the world that I’ve lost my few levels prototypes… I’ve come back at it again.

The Goal:

So as you may have guessed, I’m working to re-imagine GoldenEye 007 to a playable and working state. While I realize we have GoldenEye: Source (you better believe I love myself some Source Engine mods) but I think we can do something that is fun and visually on-par with the times. I’ve already technically made one map but that has been lost, so I’m starting from scratch again and this time I’m going to do a classic yet modern refresh of the game that we once loved to play for hours on end. I’m just a one man team at the moment, not really looking for any help at this stage. I’ve made this post just to let people know how I’m progressing and to also make a blog for myself to share my achievements and goals going forward with the project. I intend to start development with single-player in-mind and multiplayer right behind it. I don’t intend to leave anything out at the moment as far as what I can do to do fan service for the title. Also, I do not own Goldeneye, the Bond franchise name, or any of the sort. The final project will contain no such reference to any names, likeness, or anything that may be tied to a person living or dead and/or rights of an IP holder. What that being said, please enjoy the screenshots as I update them regularly.


BUNKER (Classic Style)


This map has been lost BUT it does give you an idea of where I’m moving towards from now on. I’m going to be changing the look of the levels a bit but general design will remain the same for now. This is screenshots from an earlier version of the map so please take it as it is, a pre-build teaser of what it could become.

More to come and will be updated once I get new things out. Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

Wow, this really brings me back. Goodluck, I’ll definitely be following this.

I sent you an PM.

I am sorry for not getting back to you. I haven’t had access to my account for at least 2 weeks. I think my account got screwed up somehow but I’m not sure why.


Sweet! I’m going to try and do what I can with the project and update as I go along. I’m hoping I can get my account back so I can edit this thread; if not, then I may have to start a new thread with this account.

Here is some teaser screenshots to let you know what I’ve been working on!

Facility (Heavy Work-in-Progress):

I can’t get the Unreal Forum Team to get my account fixed so I may have to make a new thread and see about getting this one locked or something since I cannot change my first post to update it. We will see.

Updates to come.

Looks good, keep the good work mate :smiley:

So it has been a while since I updated but I’ve gotten a HTC Vive and I really believe that VR is the new way to experience games. That being said, I’m looking into making the game playable in room-scale VR with the Vive. I’ve done some testing and it can definitely be done! My biggest trial is going to be getting movement just right and polishing up gun-play but besides that… its looking like a promising project to get my feet wet in.