UnrealEnginePythonPlugin embed python for runtime

Hello, I am using UnrealEnginePythonPlugin. So far, i have been hard coding the python path such as C:/python35 etc. I want to embed python at runtime.

Using that plugin, it seems possible but i could not been able to get it.

Any clear road map to do it?

I am sorry for poor word choice and thank you.

The Python plugin and environment are [only available in the editor][1] and it’s not possible to use those at runtime, since Python is intended for automating and scripting the editor, not for gameplay scripting:


There’s a [separate project][3] (not created or maintained by Epic) that allows embedding the Python environment into the engine and accessing it at runtime, as well as allowing gameplay scripting. However, if you’re new to Unreal it’s recommended that you make use of blueprints for gameplay scripting as it is a mature, officially-supported, and well-documented solution for this task. Hope that helps

thank you so much. yes. i am using 20tab’s UnrealEnginePython for python. I want to embed python so that user does not need python in his/her system. I could not understand how to embed python to run at runtime using that plugin. I also asked at their github page. Do you have any steps to follow to achieve it? thanks! :slight_smile: