UnrealEngine4.7.5 AutoSave Issues

I have been making a game casually for several weeks now and it just stopped working. I load the project and it gets to 96% and then Unreal Engine has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
So This really sucks and I don’t see a way around this but I had a thought. When you are working on any project auto saves are taking place in the background. I found this projects autosaves and I could just load up one of the earlier saves until it will load but I can’t open the project so how do I use these auto saves? I tried starting a new project with a similar name and then open up a new file and drag the autosave UMAP File’s into the maps folder for this new project I am trying to make but it says
“Failed to import C:\XXXXXXXX” Unknown extension UMAP.
So, how do I use these autosave files on a project that won’t even open up? It would be great to revive this project because it was really taking shape.
In this autosave folder I found it is in my project looking like this:
Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Saved\Autosaves\Game\FirstPersonBP\Maps
So I can’t figure out how to revive this project. I hope someone can help me? Or maybe there is a simple file I can get rid of or adjust in my project that when loading the project it stops working at 96%
Thank you…

-is this happening after you updated the engine?
-probably you can find a crash log -> go to your project folder - saved - logs - the file which gets generated after the crash
-make sure to report your problem on answerhub: https://answers.unrealengine.com/
-normally you just have to copy and paste the autosave files into your content folder of your new project -> but make sure that the project uses the same engine version :slight_smile: