Unrealengine won't finish install

I launch unrealengine, it says “syncing”… then says I have “no content” and to visit marketplace… I have barely started to install and it seems I can’t get any further.

Did the editor install with the 51MB .MSI file? I’m guessing it did not.

I have an active subscription…

I am having the same issue. Some dang .MSI file is missing. Err, help!


Try quitting the Launcher and restarting it. When you open the Launcher, what does it say in the top left of the window? If it has finished installing, there will be a Launch button. Do you see that, or has it not gotten that far yet? You might need to try redownloading the installer.

I have exactly the same problem, using the latest installer.

It was downloading the content fine at the beginning, then I paused it and restarted my computer before it showed the issue.

Look if it’s not the same problem that i have:

So the launcher it’s self doesn’t even boot.

I downloaded the UnrealEngineInstaller I run it, tell it to install to the suggested location, it asks if I’m ok with the installing the .msi file. Then I get the following error. alt text

Nope, don’t think it’s the same. I don’t even get into the launcher, the setup file doesn’t even finish running…

Ok, I got it working. Here’s what happened:

I was initially trying to download via a WiFi hotspot on my mobile. I changed over another WiFi and it worked. The install didn’t seem to like the mobile hotspot.

Wow that seems weird… Hmm, don’t think that’s what’s going on with me unfortunately… Really wish there was a greater sense of urgency with trying to let people know what’s up with these bugs.