UnrealEditor cannot discover a added plugin in <Project>/Plugins, while runUAT can build it

Hi, Unreal gurus,

I’m writing a new input plugin that I had confirm it successfully compiled when it’s put into UnrealEngine directory.

But when I try to add it into my project’s plugins directory.
According to this document:
It seems UnrealEditor just ignore it. I can’t find it in class window, nor can I zip up the package with the plugin.

But I can build it with when it’s put into the project’s plugins directory. (although it failed at some texture handling about PVR tools or something later)
The attach file is the archive of the simple plugin.

May someone tell me how to make Unreal Editor aware of it?
Thank you.

Your project has to be a code project for you to use project level plugins. If it’s not, you’ll need to run the Add Code To Project option from the editor File menu.

Hi, kamrann

Thanks for the reply, first.
But sorry to ask dumb question, though. I can’t find “Add code to project” option in file menu of the menu bar.
And if I try to use “Add New” button, it only bring a dialog and ask me for the new class name… etc to setup a new class file instead of importing the plugin.

I’m on ver. 4.16. Is there any alternative option like that?
Thank you.

I may have got the menu option name wrong, but the point was that if you want to have the plugin at project level, your project must contain code. That means in your main project directory (the one containing the .uproject), there must also be a Source subdirectoy, containing at least one module. And the simplest way to achieve this is by adding a class from the menu in the editor, as it will configure the module for you. You can name the class anything and don’t need it to do anything. Pretty sure you can also remove the class afterwards manually if you want to, too. The important thing is that the module is set up.

If you already have a code based project, then this is not relevant and there is some other issue. If you don’t and your project is blueprint only, the above should allow you to include the plugin at project level. But my question is, what are you trying to gain by doing so, as opposed to just leaving it at engine level?

Hi, Kamrann

Thanks for reaching out again.
My project is blueprint only so far.
I just want to customize the right virtual stick to make it trigger some more events.
And I really appreciate you for going through the details for me,
I will try to leave it as engine plugin first and leave this post as solved, thank you so much again.