UnrealBuildTool Exception: missing source folder

I am on a Linux machine with UE 4.11 installed, built it and can run the editor with no problem. I have installed it in the Download folder:

I am following this tutorial for setting up a cmake environment to do my C++ development in CLion.
If I understand the tutorial correctly, I am supposed to have a template game first. I tried going for a blank c++ project and called it BasicCodeNoStarter. It is stored in:

I then go on the terminal and:

cd Downloads/UnrealEngine/ && ./ -cmakefile -game -project "/home/me/Documents/Unreal Projects/BasicCodeNoStarter/BasicCodeNoStarter.uproject"

When I do that, I get:

It looks to me like it is creating a directory inside my engine installation and failing for some reason. Although I had files in the source directory of my project:

ls "/home/me/Documents/Unreal Projects/BasicCodeNoStarter/Source/BasicCodeNoStarter"

I tried adding a class MyActor there and after I did that, Unreal editor compiled the project automatically but that does not change anything. Running still returns the same error.


I managed to get it to build by manually creating the source folder:

     mkdir /home/me/Downloads/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Projects/BasicCodeNoStarter/Source 

and the CmakeLists.txt gets generated for me and I no longer get the error.

It generates the cmake file fine. However,

-The directory

does not get populated.

-The c++ class that I had added to my project through Unreal’s IDE, namely MyActor, is nowhere to be found. It is not in the source directory ^ nor is there any sign of it in the CmakeLists.txt file.

  • include_directories and add_definitions both have empty argument lists in the cmake file.

My guess is that I am missing a step before running the build tool. Any idea what that might be?

I am having this issue as well