UnrealBuildTool Disappeared?

Hi all,

Really weird stuff going on here.
A few hours ago I had no problems whatsoever working on my project in 5-0EA using rider with the latest version: 2021.1.3. I saved everything and took a break. I just rebooted my pc and opened the source files and boom:

18158 errors in 1263 files

When building from rider I immediately get exit code 999 from Microsoft.MakeFile.targets (…)

What I have tried:

Running the project manually from the projectName.uproject file, this works and opens the project in UE5. Unfortunately, when trying to compile the code in UE5 editor I immediately get an error, but an empty log…:

However when opening the source in rider simultaneously I see the following:

So UnrealBuildTool cannot be launched…
Looking at the directory I find that the folder UnrealBuildTool indeed does not contain UnrealBuildTool.exe!
This command does not find the file :frowning:

To check if this problem was not rider-related, I started the project again via the .uproject file and in the editor I set the source code editor to visual studio 2019. When trying to run from source there I do get some more info:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Make sure your antivirus didn’t delete any of the engine files

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This was indeed the case, restored the file and everything works like a charm. Thank you very much!!!