UnrealBuildTool Android Ignoring bForDistribution

Hi, I have successfully managed to publish my game to the google play app store, using a shipping and distribution build, with own certificates, there is one problem though, that I could not get past, without modifying engine code.

Please can you guys have a look at this class ( I did not have enough time to track the actual root cause, but someone who knows the buildtool code better might know off - hand )

Engine/Source/UnrealBuildTool/Android/UEDeployAndroid.cs ( c# runtime compiled file )
Function: MakeAPK
the bForDistribution parameter was always false, even if I ticked for distribution in the package settings before packaging via the editor.

This was causing the ant build to be called with ‘debug’, and the APK file created in the compiled manifest as debuggable, and obviously the play store indicated my apk was debuggable, and couldn’t use it…
Also could see it in the build log.

I had to change that and hard code it to true at the start of the method for a temporary work around, because I really don’t know where/how that parameter gets called from the UI, and I am sure there are many more capable developers who would have the time and knowledge to quickly find and rectify it, but maybe this is fixed in 4.2?

Any case, the app was deployed successfully , and I also downloaded it from the play store, and it works perfectly.

Another point I would like to raise, and I know this may or may not have been addressed yet, the OBB expansion file is quite big, for my small game, it was 700Mb, after trimming all starter content, and scaling my textures for mobile, play store picked up the obb was not compressed, after I compressed it just on my local PC as a test, it was about 100Mb, obviously I didn’t upload a zipped OBB, as that would not work, but just pointing it out. ( obb is just the UE4 PAK file renamed, or something or other … :wink: . )

Not really a question, a bug report, and a point I raised. But still, had to mention it.

Great job on everything else!

This bug has been squashed with version 4.4, I released my second game to the stores, no problems.

Thank you Epic!