Unreal4 wituout an internet connection

my Windows working computers have no internet connection.
Therefore I have a seperate Linux computer.

I’ve downloaded UE4 for Win but it’s only a launcher.
How can I get the engine for offline working ?

Sorry for my bad English and thanks for help !


It has to be online as far as I understand. The launcher keeps the engine and itself up to date and there is no offline option as far as I can tell. Having said that, once you have the version … you can go offline and use it … but to get the initial version you have to be online so it can be downloaded.

Same question from me.

I will install launcer on computer which have internec connection.

Can I just download UE4 on that computer, and than share it to my computer which don’t have internet connection?

Yes … once you have everything downloaded … when the launcher starts up and it can’t connect to the internet it gives you the option to go offline. You can then still work with the engine and your games.

You will however not have access to the Marketplace or the Learn Tab … which might or might not be important to you. 8-}

1st try to connect after that a offline link will pop up…

You don’t need to run the launcher at all if you don’t want. If you have built the engine from sources or installed it fully and there is a file 'Engine\Build\PerforceBuild.txt" present in the install location (or the launcher isn’t installed at all) it won’t start the launcher when you start the editor.

If you do want to run it from the launcher, check out thread for instructions on how to download UE4:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Yesterday I install Epic Launcher on friend’s computer, and download 4.7 version.

Than I just copy that 4.7 version folders to my computer where I don’t have internet connection and install launcher on that machine.

Engine works 100% without epic launcher (I open UE4 editor.exe in folders), but If I open launcher - it can’t see in launcher that I have 4.7 version on my computer.

Can I just uninstall launcher because it is not necesary to launch engine?

you may launch ue4editor.exe directly from it’s location, something like

I have always hated always online connections. Thanx for not going that route. My Dev PC is always off line.

You can run it without the launcher - a few days ago when my connection was wonky it asked if I’d like to use it in offline mode, and that worked.
Also, you can just run the ue4editor.exe from the install directory and it’ll work.

Yes, I’m working like that, and just uninstall Epic Launcher because it is not necesary :smiley: